Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Airtel launches 3G services in India

Bharti Airtel has launched a 3G service provider in India on Monday with the hopes of providing better mobile Internet experience to their customers. Deployment plans, he said, and covers 1,500 cities across the country in March next year.

Telecommunications operator, said the launch of 3G services in 40 cities in 13 telecoms circles, where he received a 3G license in March this year. In a context that does not have a 3G license, is currently in talks with other operators to run the service and said these discussions were in the active phase of the closure. "

Footprint Airtel 3G will be available throughout the country (March 2012), "the president of Airtel mobile services," said Atul Bindal, Bangalore

The companies have investments in the initiative to deploy 3G in the country ranged from 0,000 to 13 RS12, 000 rupees. This does not include copyright and maintaining the infrastructure of information technology and marketing expenses, among others.

Bindal said the company's ARPU (average revenue per user) will improve after the launch of 3G services, and the outlook on this front has been "positive." He declined to give specific figures.

Price, the company will offer service plans for light users of the data, which will be the use and billing by the hour Flexi-Shield Plans and for heavy data users, where usage and billing will be limited.

There are bags Rs 10, R 60, RS200, Rs450 and Rs750, and for large consumers, the price of admission Rs650 (1.25 GB) at Rs2, 000 (14 GB), officials said.

Airtel, said: "Internet in 3G Airtel offers its customers due to the higher speeds for playback of multimedia services, broadband and mobile access to high speed Internet with the ability to view videos on your mobile phone to make calls video, watch TV, Internet access and uses high-speed streaming ...".

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dell 3G Android XCD 28 Smartphone

Dell has developed a mobile phone of the most fascinating city that will blow your mind. Full of enthusiasm and great opportunities, Dell offers Dell customers xcd28 3G Android smartphone. This mobile phone with Dell the past is the best on the market.

Android 3G features xcd28 Dell is a unique new addition to other phones. The phone has a 2.8 inch touch screen with a magnificent view, 3.2 megapixel camera, tooth clear, blue, WiFi, Blue tooth activation, 600 MHz processor, music player, FM radio, 2, 1 Android operating system.

Android 3G smartphone Dell xcd28 target end users with high and low, 3G mobile phones. According to Dell, vice president, said: "India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for mobile devices and PCs." In terms of technology, Dell, of course, every time, and after the introduction of Dell xcd28 3G Android smartphone users are very satisfied with the service, provides satisfaction. In addition to this smart phone from Dell, XCD had 35 as well as with 3G support.

Smartphone, Dell Android 3G xcd28 XCD and 35 in India's market has begun and can be purchased at a price quite well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turn a new leaf and be eco-friendly with Nokia C6-01

Welcome to 2011, are the people to overcome a healthy lifestyle and improve relations planning.

With these basic objectives in their New Year's resolutions can also be the environment. To do this, C6-01 Nokia mobile phone, to motivate them.

Nokia, № 1 brand mobile phone world has its feature rich "green" mobile phone that allows users to review their social life on the road and at the same time allowed to advocate for environmental protection at home .

"We offer our customers a mobile experience that gives you social networking easier and faster and taking into account the environment," said Nalin Benoit, general manager of Nokia Mexico.

"Nokia C6-01 is designed innovative materials and new Symbian platform and is equipped with multimedia functions, all working together to reduce the environmental impact," said Benoit.

"Green" smartphone

Nokia C6-01 is one of the greenest of Nokia devices to date with their other innovative materials, energy efficiency and battery chargers mode low-power sleep.

Includes the use of biodegradable plastics and metals recycling for most of its construction is free of PVC, BFR (brominated flame retardants) and RTS (compounds of chlorine and bromine and antimony trioxide).

OLED display features, energy saving and high efficiency charging mode. It also has electronic management reduces the need for printed manuals.

All these elements reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle, including manufacture, use and disposal.


In addition, the C6-01 from Nokia to replace other devices such as cameras and music players thanks to its many features and design.

Instead of buying, using and charge multiple devices, the user can make more space on the device, which is a big difference to the environment.

Nokia C6-01 has eight-megapixel camera to focus completely with dual LED flash lamps, which can also record 720p HD video. And it has a touch screen 3.2-inch AMOLED offers for the first time a new display technology, light light black color, brighter and provide better visibility outdoors.

It also comes with navigation, music player, WebTV and free through Ovi Maps on Ovi and other applications. And with 340MB internal memory used to support up to 32 GB microSD card, users can store pictures, music, videos, games and applications on their phones.

Social Networking Gadget

Besides environmental and versatile, Nokia C6-01 is ideal for stylish and compact Smartphone for people who are simply related to family and friends and perform everyday tasks.

It can range from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, right on the main screen has its own Office Live your client. And it's a fully functional communication with 3G and Wi-Fi on board.

This is also the cheapest and smallest of the new family of Symbian devices. Nokia C6-01 has a suggested retail price of P18, 970, measures 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm and weighs only 131g. Available in black or silver.

This year, with the new C6-01 Nokia users can open a new page and fill its promise to be more environmentally friendly. Neither has to worry about their old phones, they can opt for recycling containers Nokia Care in your area. This ensures that the phone is disposed of properly and not add to the e-waste.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zen introduces its triple SIM phone in India markets

Zen Mobile, the leading manufacturer of mobile India launched its first mobile phone SIM triple compatible. ZEN M111, which allows the user to change the plates after his election, said a source plates in red and white.

Zen M111 comes on the market at an affordable price R Triple SIM format 3499 m for mobile phones are not new in the Indian market. M111, is positioning itself as a competitor to start a new trio of Akai.

Intex last year launched its trio phone SIM functionality. Intex is the first player of the triple combination SIM (GSM + CDMA + GSM) lead to the 5030th Akai trio first triple-SIM GSM mobile phone is compatible.

Zen M111 has a 2.4 inch screen, GPRS and WAP support, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera with video recording and read eBooks. The phone also has expandable memory up to 8 GB

This phone is shaped like a chocolate bar has a 1500 mAh battery in standby mode up to 280 hours of talk time of 300 minutes supply.

With the introduction of the M111, Zen ® Mobile Deepesh Gupta, said. "Mobile Zen has always tried to products that offer great value for your customers with the introduction of Zen M111, we have taken another step forward in the way of comfort and unbeatable price to our customers."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Camera Mobile Buying Guide

If there are many options for moving picture, but the problem comes when you really need to analyze each through endless technical details and, finally, those who come best suits your needs and your budget. This article aims to make their own dreams mobile camera much easier by clarifying the jargon from different galaxies, which appeared to be investing in this phone is not allowed. The article is quite large, but in the end you'll be glad you do not miss any part of it. Top.

So, what is your budget?
mobile cameras vary in price depending on manufacturer, cellular functions and the need to buy access. Prices may vary from $ 99 to over $ 3000. clear budget in your mind will help, so that searches more effective decisions.

It would be fair to say that the more the better characteristics, it can happen, but does not mean you do not have a cheap phone with almost all the features you really need. In fact, it is best phone with the features you can use Hi-Tech features to keep until you get a figure of the latter used to buy the phone.

Why do you want a mobile device?
How do you want your phone number, or why you need a camera phone is another question implies that the level of significance. This will help you get an idea of what you have and go for nothing. Review the following options

1) capture content from time to time as a hobby

2) Under Advanced to be used as wallpapers, caller ID, or by e-mail

3) The lack of printing

4) Fun images, including image processing

5) follow the latest trends

The reasons were varied, but make sure you know before the test models. Well, if you understand their reasons, we are in the next section, which deals with important factors we have to look around or ask any purchase of mobile devices to navigate.
Turtle Beach - Beach Vacation wonder I never forget.

Along with the mobile camera resolution at new mobile phones

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heed The Call

Today, the induction of cell number (MNP), which allows users keep their numbers when switching mobile phone, at least 687 million strong Indian consumers. Given that many of us mobile use MNP is important, and this is evidenced by the fact that it increases during phone calls with increasing speed, the number of fixed lines laid in disrepair. More and more people are using mobile and were waiting for MNP for some time. Although three years is now behind the MNP, finally here, the user-level consumers in developed countries will be included. There are, here and now, regardless of whether users are prepaid or postpaid customers can better service, pricing and discounts from suppliers on demand. 

If this is the game of consumers complained that the industry calls "spin" or customers who go to their competitors. almost 30% -  can, if Finland for example, expect a significant increase in foaming. To mitigate this point of view, of course, the supplier once the contract period, but would be doomed to failure. Since only 4% of postpaid users in India are the terms of the contract in a loss of consumers of goodwill. However, in the interests of suppliers from the time of the contract, as the postpaid sector is the most profitable small. Make sure that the consumer does not mean that the Government should ensure that suppliers cartels captured. Instead, it would be much more reasonable for the provider to address new customers with incentives rather than working, going to block a step back and once away, suppliers, customers probably never consider a call to return.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Want a dream phone? Check out Nokia N95!

Nokia N95, a much-awaited smart phone with a unique handset design has started shipping in India.

Its front slides up to reveal a traditional numeric phone keypad and can also slide down providing access to a row of dedicated multimedia playback control buttons, automatically switching the screen to landscape mode and launching the multimedia menu.

Hardware: It is powered by the fastest processor currently used in the Symbian operating system devices and is faster than Dopod D600, a Windows Mobile 5 PDA.

The N95 sports the regular 64 MB RAM (E90 claims to offer almost 80 MB of free operating memory) and about 160 MB internal storage memory and can be expanded with microSD cards to 2 GB.

Dopod D600 comes in with built-in 128 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM that gives N95 a close run. N95 also overtakes when it comes to price. Nokia has priced this baby at a whopping Rs 40,249 while the Dopod has priced its machine at Rs 22,893.

Bells & Whistles Nokia has topped the N95 with a GPS receiver. And a 5 megapixel (sufficient for even 11x14-inch sized prints), autofocus camera can deliver delightful pictures. Dopod's D600 is a 2 MP camera, but when viewed on D600's 71.1mm TFT LCD display, it can put other business phones to shame.

While Nokia has put in a secondary camera to support video calls, despite being a PDA D600 seems to have omitted it. Although DVD quality is certainly an exaggeration by Nokia, but video recorded on N95 definitely offers quality of amateur single-sensor mini-DV camcorders.

Connectivity: The Dopod's PDA has also missed out on connectivity and data transfer options that are found in plenty in N95. Nokia has included HSDPA that give a speed of upto 3.6 Mbps with simultaneous voice and data, wireless LAN will give around 54 Mbit/s. Universal Plug and Play, Bluetooth 2.0 with mass storage class support are a part of N95 too.

D600, although delivers a smooth performance on the Push Email and browsing net front, the presence of Wi-Fi support would have been welcomed in a PDA.

The D600 could not fit in the the web pages in its browser and the more advanced AJAX pages would not work. Navigation was a breeze since this one is a touchscreen machine.