Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turn a new leaf and be eco-friendly with Nokia C6-01

Welcome to 2011, are the people to overcome a healthy lifestyle and improve relations planning.

With these basic objectives in their New Year's resolutions can also be the environment. To do this, C6-01 Nokia mobile phone, to motivate them.

Nokia, № 1 brand mobile phone world has its feature rich "green" mobile phone that allows users to review their social life on the road and at the same time allowed to advocate for environmental protection at home .

"We offer our customers a mobile experience that gives you social networking easier and faster and taking into account the environment," said Nalin Benoit, general manager of Nokia Mexico.

"Nokia C6-01 is designed innovative materials and new Symbian platform and is equipped with multimedia functions, all working together to reduce the environmental impact," said Benoit.

"Green" smartphone

Nokia C6-01 is one of the greenest of Nokia devices to date with their other innovative materials, energy efficiency and battery chargers mode low-power sleep.

Includes the use of biodegradable plastics and metals recycling for most of its construction is free of PVC, BFR (brominated flame retardants) and RTS (compounds of chlorine and bromine and antimony trioxide).

OLED display features, energy saving and high efficiency charging mode. It also has electronic management reduces the need for printed manuals.

All these elements reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle, including manufacture, use and disposal.


In addition, the C6-01 from Nokia to replace other devices such as cameras and music players thanks to its many features and design.

Instead of buying, using and charge multiple devices, the user can make more space on the device, which is a big difference to the environment.

Nokia C6-01 has eight-megapixel camera to focus completely with dual LED flash lamps, which can also record 720p HD video. And it has a touch screen 3.2-inch AMOLED offers for the first time a new display technology, light light black color, brighter and provide better visibility outdoors.

It also comes with navigation, music player, WebTV and free through Ovi Maps on Ovi and other applications. And with 340MB internal memory used to support up to 32 GB microSD card, users can store pictures, music, videos, games and applications on their phones.

Social Networking Gadget

Besides environmental and versatile, Nokia C6-01 is ideal for stylish and compact Smartphone for people who are simply related to family and friends and perform everyday tasks.

It can range from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, right on the main screen has its own Office Live your client. And it's a fully functional communication with 3G and Wi-Fi on board.

This is also the cheapest and smallest of the new family of Symbian devices. Nokia C6-01 has a suggested retail price of P18, 970, measures 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm and weighs only 131g. Available in black or silver.

This year, with the new C6-01 Nokia users can open a new page and fill its promise to be more environmentally friendly. Neither has to worry about their old phones, they can opt for recycling containers Nokia Care in your area. This ensures that the phone is disposed of properly and not add to the e-waste.

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