Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Airtel launches 3G services in India

Bharti Airtel has launched a 3G service provider in India on Monday with the hopes of providing better mobile Internet experience to their customers. Deployment plans, he said, and covers 1,500 cities across the country in March next year.

Telecommunications operator, said the launch of 3G services in 40 cities in 13 telecoms circles, where he received a 3G license in March this year. In a context that does not have a 3G license, is currently in talks with other operators to run the service and said these discussions were in the active phase of the closure. "

Footprint Airtel 3G will be available throughout the country (March 2012), "the president of Airtel mobile services," said Atul Bindal, Bangalore

The companies have investments in the initiative to deploy 3G in the country ranged from 0,000 to 13 RS12, 000 rupees. This does not include copyright and maintaining the infrastructure of information technology and marketing expenses, among others.

Bindal said the company's ARPU (average revenue per user) will improve after the launch of 3G services, and the outlook on this front has been "positive." He declined to give specific figures.

Price, the company will offer service plans for light users of the data, which will be the use and billing by the hour Flexi-Shield Plans and for heavy data users, where usage and billing will be limited.

There are bags Rs 10, R 60, RS200, Rs450 and Rs750, and for large consumers, the price of admission Rs650 (1.25 GB) at Rs2, 000 (14 GB), officials said.

Airtel, said: "Internet in 3G Airtel offers its customers due to the higher speeds for playback of multimedia services, broadband and mobile access to high speed Internet with the ability to view videos on your mobile phone to make calls video, watch TV, Internet access and uses high-speed streaming ...".

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