Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heed The Call

Today, the induction of cell number (MNP), which allows users keep their numbers when switching mobile phone, at least 687 million strong Indian consumers. Given that many of us mobile use MNP is important, and this is evidenced by the fact that it increases during phone calls with increasing speed, the number of fixed lines laid in disrepair. More and more people are using mobile and were waiting for MNP for some time. Although three years is now behind the MNP, finally here, the user-level consumers in developed countries will be included. There are, here and now, regardless of whether users are prepaid or postpaid customers can better service, pricing and discounts from suppliers on demand. 

If this is the game of consumers complained that the industry calls "spin" or customers who go to their competitors. almost 30% -  can, if Finland for example, expect a significant increase in foaming. To mitigate this point of view, of course, the supplier once the contract period, but would be doomed to failure. Since only 4% of postpaid users in India are the terms of the contract in a loss of consumers of goodwill. However, in the interests of suppliers from the time of the contract, as the postpaid sector is the most profitable small. Make sure that the consumer does not mean that the Government should ensure that suppliers cartels captured. Instead, it would be much more reasonable for the provider to address new customers with incentives rather than working, going to block a step back and once away, suppliers, customers probably never consider a call to return.

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